The world „becomes smaller““ and we can come across various cultures within a day on different levels.

Unfortunately, this is very often connected with a fear from something different, unknown. This is very topical for the whole Europe including our country at the moment. A fear of different cultures has become one of the main social topics recently. This is a moment when we can chose to try to fight with it or when we can take a look at what is happening, try to understand it and try to find out what is our fear based on.


The original concept of the exhibition Little Planet is taken over Museum for Children in Bratislava. The aim of the exhibition is to show children there are various cultures in the world, what they can differ in, what they can have in common. Just to make it more playful and interesting, children can get to know different cultures through various activities – they can try how is meal prepared for example in Japan, Mexico or in Russia, they can listen to exotic songs and fairytales, try on clothes from all over the world, find out how many languages are spoken in the world, how to say „hello““ in Portuguese or any other language, or learn what share the world main religions.

Interesting experience both for children and their parents.

Info for visitors


17.11. 2015 – 24.4. 2016


No reservation needed

Opening hours:

Every Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tour Block Capacity:

The exhibition is suitable for children up to 7 years.

Entry to exhibition without shoes


+420 387 999 997

more information at

Sladovna Písek o.p.s., Velké náměstí 113, 397 01 Písek



Katarína a Branislav Rezníkovi

Visual design:

oximoron = Martin Šichman + Boris Meluš

Graphic design:

Boris Meluš + Ĺubica Segečová

Textile design:

Michaela Mokrá

Electronic design:

triaxis = Štefan Šimek

Curator of the exhibition in Písek:

Karey Rawitscher


Every interactive exhibition in Sladovna is supported with a special program for school groups. Every program is designed to introduce the particular exhibition to children by playful way.

Every program for school groups is designed regarding to general level of education.

Special programs for our little ones is based on experience and discovering through playing. Every program is designed to encourage children to be curious, to discover and experience.


Approximately 60 min.

This is another great journey through the world. Children will see how life differs in various countries in the world. They can cook exotic food, try on various clothes from around the world, play music instruments or just visit Mongolian jurt and listen to exotic fairytales.

Programs for 1st grade of elementary schools are based on playful way how to instigate children´s curiosity and experience. Created and designed to provide children with new knowledge through experience and situation learning method. This help children to active learning and looking for a solution of problem, and also instigate their own creative and logical thinking.


Approximately 75 min.

This is a nice chance to get to know different cultures at one spot. Children will see there are different cultures in the world and people can also differ in many ways but there is always something that is common for all of us. Children will get to know different world cuisines, what people wear in various countries, what it is like in several foreign schools. Children can also visit a Mongolian jurt and listen to exotic stories and fairytales or relax at the section dedicated to meditation and religions.

To order contact:

+420 387 999 997

Contact for more information:

+420 733 623 929


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