Basic Description of the Exhibit

The original ten-hole mini-golf is fun not only for children. A dozen of artists frolicked in the High Beams in Sladovna where they created a unique ten-hole mini-golf course.

Yes, you are reading right. It is a mini-golf course. And it is no ordinary course. Each author created their hole based on an original artistic design: you won’t know where to look first.

They did not have any common topic and the only assignment was to create a mini-golf hole that has be playable and must be unique. The talented authors did a great job and you can now play mini-golf on a racetrack, in the shorts hole, or in a room from the past.

Artists who participated in the exhibition:

Marie Hlad, Jakub Grec, Petr Brožka, Jan Hrubeš, Petr Popelka, Lukáš Urbanec, Richard Fischer, Lukáš Kalivoda, Karey Rawitscher, Lukáš Zahradník


Exhibition Date

The exhibition is open from 12th May 2017 – 10th September 2017

Vstup na výstavu

Entrance to the Play mini, Tiger exhibition is without order and no time blocks. The lecturer is present at the exhibition.

Terms of performance

The exhibition is open daily except Monday. In July and August exhibition is open even on Mondays


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The current interactive exhibits are traditionally accompanied by programmes for schools prepared by Sladovna. The programmes are designed in a playful form and they use the method of experience and situational learning with the aim to introduce the topic of the exhibition to the children in a comprehensible way.

The programmes for schools are designed in compliance with the Framework Education Programmes for the individual levels of education.

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