Objective of the exhibit

The purpose of the project is to bring the young generation through arts into the imaginary world of an insect society and to develop the relationship and respect not only to the creatures, but also to cooperation between people. The exhibit does not attempt to contain all the topics related to ants, but it will introduce the ant life in a way we have never knew.

Basic description of the exhibit

The exhibition area transforms into a monumental labyrinth with various climbing structures and corridors full of various installations, paintings, sculptures and video projections that will show the life of ants and help visitors to understand it in a broader concept: an anthill as a society, an anthill as an image of the urban civilization bustle, an anthill as a place for play, as a source of inspiration, and as a space for education, movement and mystery. The visitors will feel as if they found themselves inside a giant anthill. They will be able to look inside the microscopic insect world in an artistic, playful and educational form.

The labyrinth of the corridors is mainly made from recycled material – packaging carton. Other materials used include wood, various found objects, water-soluble paints and other natural substances. That brings another dimension to the installation – sustainable development.

The installation also includes video projections and music that help create the impression of a real anthill.

Information for visitors


Exhibit opens on 18.6. – 1.11. 2015


Reservations for ANTHILL II. are not required.

Opening hours

ANTHILL II. is open every day except Monday, always from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Capacity of the visit:

ANTHILL II. is mainly suitable for children of up to 8 years old.

It is required to remove shoes before entering ANTHILL II.


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more information at

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Vladimír Větrovský - Anthill

Vladimír Větrovský

A contemporary Czech artist and graphic designer. He studied at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague from 1999 to 2001, the field of Scenography (Prof. A. Pražák), and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Painting Studio under Prof. M. Rittstein from 2002 to 2008. In 2001, during his studies, he finished internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Painting Studio managed by Doc. A. Střížek, and in 2006 at the Hochschule der Bildenden Kunste Dresden in Germany (Prof. R. Kerbach). Vladimír Větrovský is a distinct personality of the colouristic-expressive line of Czech painting. The masterful, energetic and colourful gesture expressed by confident strokes is typical of his artwork. Painting is dominant in his work. His artwork is mainly based on landscape and observing nature.

The monumental realization of the Anthill through a distinctive artistic concept with the use of imagination, creative play and accompanying programmes showed visitors the theme of the anthill in an original way.

He currently lives in France.

Educational Programmes

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be as tiny as an ant? You have a unique opportunity to become a tiny ant in the anthill and to experience great ant adventure! Do not hesitate and enter: our beautiful labyrinth of ant corridors is waiting for you.

Aim of the programme: Teach children about ants – the extraordinary, social and very successful insect species. The programme teaches children about the life of ants, their development stages and division of labour.

The programmes for schools are designed in compliance with the Framework Education Programmes for the individual levels of education.

Title of the programme: Pee-Wees or Together as Ants

Objectives of the programme:

  • Teaching children about the space in which ants live
  • Showing the development of ants from the beginning to the end
  • Learning that their lives can be much easier thanks to cooperation with people they live with
  • Encouraging the ability to express their own opinions
  • Introducing illustration
Title of the programme:The Ant and the Queen

Objectives of the programme:

  • Developing the notion of all possible functions of the individual ants vs. our everyday obligations
  • Verbal description of the exhibition (spatial description, impressions of the colours, comparison with reality)
  • Comparing life: rural vs. urban, obligations vs. entertainment
  • Visual introduction of illustration
  • Artistic expression – illustration of a story

The aims of the programme follow the fields of the Framework Education Programme on Language and Language Communication (Literature, Communication and Essay Education), People and the World (People around Us, Diversity of Nature, People and Health), Arts and Culture (Music Education, Art Education), People and Health (Physical Education), People and the World of Work (Working with Small Materials, Farming and Breeding), Mathematics and Its Application (Numbers and Arithmetic Operations), Ethical Education, Dance and Movement Education.

Title of the programme: Informers

Objectives of the programme:

  • Mutual cooperation – sharing information
  • Visiting a visual and experience interpretation of the anthill – an opportunity to physically interact with it
  • Analysing the ant hierarchy – division of obligations at home and at work
  • Comparing the life of ants with human lives – relationships in the family, between people
  • Expressing one’s own opinion
  • Individuality in today’s world – solidarity, willingness to help, the circle of life
  • Introducing illustration
  • Artistic expression – illustration

The programmes for schools are designed in compliance with the Framework Education Programmes for the individual levels of education.

Title of the programme: Males Do Not Last Long

Objectives of the programme:

  • Reminder of information about ants – body structure, development and efficiency of ants
  • Visiting one of the interpretations of an anthill – a visual and experience exposition, scenic elements, focus on detail, video projections, sound and light installations
  • Analysing the ant hierarchy – division of obligations at home, at work and in the world
  • Comparing the life of ants with human lives – relationships in the family, between people, relationships in the world
  • Individuality in today’s world – integration into society, solidarity, willingness to help
  • Illustration (procedure, visual comparison, illustration workshop)
  • Alternative constructions – clay cottages, geo houses, low-energy houses
  • Artistic expression (illustration, designing future housing)

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+420 387 999 997

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