Svět podle šaška


Objective of the Exhibit

The World according to Šašek exhibition presents the life journey and artwork of one of the most prominent Czech illustrators, Miroslav Šašek, who spent most of his life abroad. The exhibition is designed as an extensive interactive game that teaches children and adults alike about Šašek’s work in a playful manner. The installation includes individual informative and interactive modules that present the basic urban elements in Šašek’s illustrations, which you can find in all his author’s publications from Paris to Hong Kong. The realistic, witty and also educational illustrations of Miroslav Šašek do not only teach visitors about his work, but also about urbanism, history, architecture and citizens of global metropoles in general.

Attention! Sladovna is adding an own creative part to the travelling part of the exhibition thanks to which children and adults can become architects of their own city. For example, what would Písek look like if you built it?


Sladovna creates special educational lectured programmes for kindergartens and elementary schools or other groups of children for all its interactive expositions. For more information about the programmes, contact Tomáš Novotný, Gallery Educator - E-mail:; Phone: +420 733 623 929.

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Informace pro návštěvníky

Termín výstavy

14th February - 26th March 2017


The World according to Šašek exhibition is lectured.

Opening Hours

The World according to Šašek exhibition is open daily except Monday - From 9 am to 5 pm.


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