Basic Description of the Exhibit

Do you want to experience the world of bees with all your senses? Open your eyes, prick up your ears and take a sniff. Can you smell the scent of honey and the honeycomb? The queen bee is waiting for you and needs your help. Will you help her?


The interactive exhibition for children and their caretakers brings some interesting views of the bees and the organism of a bee colony in an effort to understand their mystery. Children will get the opportunity to learn with all their senses about the life in a beehive, its structure, and above all, they will learn to love the bees, or to respect the mysterious life of this hard-working and incredibly intelligent insect.


The exhibition entitled The Bee – A Mystical Journey to the Sun is another one in the series of story-based exhibitions. There is a lecturer who takes the visitors through the story. Children enter the exhibition space where they are greeted by the guardian of the beehive, who will tell them that if they want to enter the beehive, they have to leave all the negative emotions, such as fear, behind because the bees are very sensitive. And if they are afraid, the guardian will help them overcome their fear. Then, children find themselves in a swarm of bees and experience the beehive with all their senses. They will know what it smells like, what they can see or hear there, they will be able to touch everything – they should touch everything and explore it. They will try the roles of a worker and a drone, and in the end, the queen bee will call them and ask them for help with providing the beehive with food and everything else that is needed. And when they accomplish that, a new queen bee is born and a part of the beehive can fly away towards the sun, towards a new life and a new bee colony. At this time, the adventure ends and children can leave messages for other bees about why not to be afraid.

Author: Kateřina Hadravová
Curators: Dominika Špalková, Adam Langer


Exhibition Date

The exhibition is open from 21 November 2018 to 21 April 2019.


Entrance to the exhibition is without order and no time blocks. The lecturer is present at the exhibition.

Opening Hours

In the opening hours of the Sladovna.


+420 387 999 997

more information at

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The current interactive exhibits are traditionally accompanied by programmes for schools prepared by Sladovna. The programmes are designed in a playful form and they use the method of experience and situational learning with the aim to introduce the topic of the exhibition to the children in a comprehensible way.

The programmes for schools are designed in compliance with the Framework Education Programmes for the individual levels of education.