Objective of the exhibit

Trnka’s Garden 2 was originally designed as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Trnka’s birth. “Our objective was to turn the member of an audience into an active performer who finds himself or herself in the very heart of the story“, Matyáš Trnka explains the concept.

Basic description of the exhibit

The exhibit is formed by ten scenes that are based on the original book. There are either animations that move the original drawings of Jiří Trnka, or playful and interactive elements. It took the creative team, including a sound designer, animator, technician and a programmer, almost three years to make the “Original Cybernetoscope” that combines the displayed artefacts with an unusual form of projection.

There are projections on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor, in the closet, and also in the head of the dwarf. Moreover, the individual attractions have built-in sensors that respond to the movement of the visitor. The visitor can thus meet a speaking whale, look inside the large dwarf using a special telescope or find out what the “Barking Phone” is. There are elephants riding skateboards who can dance rock and roll and wall the line. The wise whale explains why whales are not fish, talks about some of Darwin’s theories and opens a window into the world on the bottom of the ocean.

The authors created a new scenography specifically designed for the space of Sladovna. The crayfish swing Rakenrol, button swings, spider climbing frame and the climbing frame from found whale glasses did not fit inside the West Bohemian Museum. The popular race track has been renewed – our littlest visitors simply love it: who wouldn’t want to ride a tricycle through the gallery?

The exhibit is designed both for children and adults.

Information for visitors


Exhibit opens on 18.6. – 28.10. 2015


Reservations for GARDEN 2 are not required.

Opening hours

GARDEN 2 is open every day except Monday, always from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

GARDEN 2 is mainly suitable for children of up to 8 years old.

It is required to remove shoes before entering GARDEN 2.


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Information about the authors

Author - Jiří Trnka

Jiří Trnka (1912 – 1969)

A famous artist, film director, screenwriter, film producer, writer, illustrator, painter, puppet master, animator, teacher and sculptor
Some of his most famous puppet films are Old Czech Legends and Good Soldier Schweik. He wrote and illustrated a story book for children, The Garden; he made a puppet film Bajaja, and he made a film version of the Old Czech Legends.

Author - Jan Trnka

Jan Trnka (1956)

a son of Jiří Trnka. A graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, the field of mixed painting.
A freelance designer and an artist. He lives and works in Prague.
Jan Trnka is as talented as his father, as well as his sisters Klára, Zuzana and Helena and the following Trnka generation.

Author - Matyáš Trnka

Matyáš Trnka (1981)

a grandson of Jiří Trnka. He works as an animator, artist, director and graphic designer. He is an author of several short films, as well as the jingle for the 11th AniFest – International Festival of Animated Films, dedicated to Jiří Trnka. He also made the first Czech interactive comic book called Malý Alenáš.

Educational Programmes

The current interactive exhibits are traditionally accompanied by programmes for schools prepared by Sladovna. The programmes are designed in a playful form and they use the method of experience and situational learning with the aim to introduce the topic of the exhibition to the children in a comprehensible way.

The programmes for schools are designed in compliance with the Framework Education Programmes for the individual levels of education.

Title of the programme: The Wild Garden

Objectives of the programme:

  • Promoting creativity
  • Encouraging fantasy
  • Eliminating mentally creative barriers
  • Introduction to the Garden Exhibit
  • Using inspiration from the book: The Garden
  • Presentation of the work of Jiří Trnka

Programmes for the little ones are mainly based on experience and exploring play. The aim of the programme is to help children better understand time, the place where they live, and they promote communicative and social competences of children. The individual activities are based on the child’s experience and they promote natural curiosity and desire to discover new things and get experience.

Title of the programme: The Wild Garden

Objectives of the programme:

  • Promoting creativity
  • Encouraging fantasy
  • Eliminating mentally creative barriers
  • Introduction to the Garden Exhibit
  • Using inspiration from the book: The Garden
  • Presentation of the work of Jiří Trnka

The programme for the first grade of elementary school emphasizes exploring play promoting curiosity and experience. The prepared activities are based on the methods of experience and situational learning. They lead pupils to active learning and searching for solutions to problems. They strive to encourage pupils to use their own creative and logical thinking.

The aims of the programme follow the fields of the Framework Education Programme on Language and Language Communication (Czech Language and Literature), Mathematics and Its Application, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, People and Nature, People and the World of Work, Arts and Culture (Music Education, Art Education), People and Health (Physical Education), Personal and Social Education, Education to Thinking in Global Implications, Multicultural Education, and Environmental Education.

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