Basic Description of the Exhibit

The Nest of Illustration is a new permanent exposition in Sladovna where children can discover the world of illustrated books for children and stories they hide inside. Children can find illustrations of famous Czech illustrators. Uncovering pictures is done in a way that children are the best in: experience and play. It is a lively exposition that is going to grow and change through time, which is included in the concept of the exposition, just like the world of books for children changes and grows.

„We perceive illustrations in children‘s books as bridges into the books and the stories they contain,” TerezaDobiášová.Sladovna Manager, says. „The books in this exposition will open in front of children in the form of large spatial objects and children will be invited to study the styles of selected illustrators. Each book will also offer activities inspired by the story of that book. „Children will literally enter the book and become its part – as a live illustrated character during play, as a reader uncovering the story of the book while reading in the nest, as an illustrator in the studio, as an author of the book creating the possible ends of the story…” says Sandra Goos, the Dutch curator of the exposition who has been involved in creating expositions focusing on children‘s book illustrations for a long time and who has created the concept of the Nest of Illustration in Sladovna.

„Sandra Goosis very close to us thanks to the way that she thinks about children – as the audience of the gallery, about what a child needs to develop imagination, literacy, as well as his or her individual talents. I think that the visitors who know the original exposition on illustration will be surprised with the Nest. The Nest directly addresses children and creates a space of them that can be surprising by how simple and natural it is and that you can really make yourself at home there,” TerezaDobiášovásays and continues: „At the same time, Sandra Goosis a guarantee of an emphatic and professional approach to books and their authors and a pure, unbiased opinion on the books. In the Netherlands, she has prepared expositions for the biggest stars of children‘s books.It was very inspiring to see how she perceives Czech books and it was very nice establish relationships with current Czech illustrators through her.”

What illustrations and illustrators can children meet there?

  • Children‘s book illustrations that have been tested by time and several generations of readers – Josef Lada, Josef Čapek, Jiří Trnka, Josef Paleček, Daisy Mrázková and others
  • Illustrations of contemporary successful illustrators – Andrea Tachezy, Galina Miklínová, Pavel Čech etc.
  • „Letter” illustrations of Šmalec’s alphabet
  • Illustrations from the Golden Fund of Czech fairytales – Karel Svolinský
  • Illustrations from large pop-up books by Karel Kubašta
  • And many more.

The Nest of Illustrations is an open exhibition of illustrations of all generations and forms.

New picture books are born just like new readers and those books may find their way to our Nest in the future. Come discover them together with children!


Exhibition Date

The exhibition is open from 4th October 2017.


Entrance to the Anthill exhibition is without order and no time blocks. The lecturer is present at the exhibition.

Opening Hours

In the opening hours of the Sladovna.


+420 387 999 997

more information at

Sladovna Písek o.p.s., Velké náměstí 113, 397 01 Písek


The current interactive exhibits are traditionally accompanied by programmes for schools prepared by Sladovna. The programmes are designed in a playful form and they use the method of experience and situational learning with the aim to introduce the topic of the exhibition to the children in a comprehensible way.

The programmes for schools are designed in compliance with the Framework Education Programmes for the individual levels of education.