Objective of the Exhibit

What is the #LABORATORY? It is a permanent platform for creativity. What does this mysterious definition mean? It is a permanently opened space where you can play, tinker, create and make your dreams come true. There will be several different workshops with activities focusing on a particular art theme. The theme and focus of the workshops will change after a few months. And what is creativity? Creativity is a very interesting word. You can do things “the usual way”, or you can do them differently – creatively, in a different way, in a new way… or you can discover brand new worlds, engage your fantasy, brain or sense, intuition and congeniality.

What is it good for? Sladovnauses an additional title: A Playful Gallery. It creates interactive expositions where it is permitted to touch the exhibits and see how they work. Sladovnatells stories and organises workshops. Children and adults alike play there, but they also learn. And it is the combination of play, cultivation of creativity and discovering new methods that is crucial for the # LABORATORY.

Does it sound too abstract and empty? Well, let’s try something else. Most of us dream about an interesting and also well-paid job. The present is ruled by modern technology and the most famous companies are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Tesla. And do you know why? Because they do not rely on established procedures. They play, learn, innovate – they are creative. That’s right. It is global giants like these that result from creativity. And that does not only apply to the world of computers and IT. Good architects, designers, graphic designers or photographers also stand out thanks to their creativity.

Is it daring to compare Sladovna in Písek with Google? Maybe. Everyone, before they start their dream profession, experiences several beautiful years as a carefree child who has some predispositions, a talent and skills. Everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg, ElonMusk, Bill Gates or SteveJobs, if they don’t let their talent go to waste.

The circle is closing. It is no longer that abstract. Vague theories and definitions of creativity, interaction and school by play suddenly make sense. The #LABORATORY is a place where children try out things that are not very common. They can seem simple but thinking about relations and coming up with why and how fully engages their creativity. And there’s no reason why children, learning about their creativity in Sladovna, couldn’t use their experience later at school or when they are working their dream job. Creativity is one of the key elements of 21st century education and it is “taught” in Sladovna, at the #LABORATORY.

The first topic: COLORS

The first theme of the laboratory exploration is colours – their combinations, perception, projection or application. Did you like Tiskařiště? Yes? Then you will love colors in the Laboratory.

The space of the two halls invites children to several various art activities related to colors. They will learn about the basic colours and the possibilities of their combinations, the effect of colours on your psyche, or how to paint using colo bubbles. Visitors will enjoy fun painting with bubble foil on feet, they will swing above an empty sheet of paper and create, and they will try working with overlay or projection. And that’s not all. The Laboratory is open and waiting for its explorers.


Exhibition Date

14th February - 31th May 2017


#LABORATORY exhibition is lectured.

Opening Hours

The Colors exhibition is open daily except Monday - From 9 am to 5 pm.


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Sladovna creates special educational lectured programmes for kindergartens and elementary schools or other groups of children for all its interactive expositions. For more information about the programmes, contact Tomáš Novotný, Gallery Educator - E-mail: Phone: +420 733 623 929.

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